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LIC AAO: Pattern, Syllabus and Cut-off

The IBPS series are over now and just the Specialist Officer exam is remaining. A lot of you have cleared the PO Mains Exam and many of you might have been waiting for the Clerk Mains result. But friends, we hope that you still remember that the next process will again reject 2 out of 3 candidates. This article will help you predict your course of actions in future. If you are relaxing and thinking that you will definitely get selected then you might be mistaking because the competetion is fierce and if you give your opponent any chance then he/she won’t hesitate a bit to outrun you. That is what the competetion is all about.

You wouldn’t disagree with the fact that the number of candidates rejected are much higher than the number of candidates selected. And the most interesting fact is that approximately all the candidates have filled the form for LIC AAO as well. Now you can understand the level of competetion in LIC as well. This article will help you take a tour and get you well acquianted with all the aspects of LIC AAO. When any recruitment notification comes, the first thing we look for is the number of vacancies. So friends, the number of vacancies are sufficient and what you need is just 1 seat for yourself and let others fight for the rest. Click on the below image to have a look at the number of vacancies.

With 700 vacancies, we can say that one stand a good chance to get selected. Now the next question that arises in our mind is that what is the pattern and what are the subjects included. Friends, let me be clear with one thing that all the Insurance Sector Exams and Banking Sector Exams have more or less same syllabus. The only difference is the marking scheme and the distribution of questions. So friends, this simply means that you don’t have to do anything extra but to keep practicing. Below is the table depicting the pattern and the marking scheme of the exam.

Note: The minimum marks to be obtained in each Section and in the aggregate shall be decided by LIC. English Language test is of qualifying nature and the marks in English Language will not be counted for ranking.

LIC AAO: Strategy and Cut-Off

If you start making the strategy for any exam then the first thing that comes to your mind is how you are going to manage your time and what will be the safe score to clear the exam. It is really hard to guess the cut-off before the exam however previous year cut-off gives us an idea of what the score can be. In this section we will talk about some simple things like how you can score well and what was the cut-off for the past years.

As you have seen the pattern that Quant and Reasoning have 30 questions each but the total marks for these two combined is 180. Yes friends, if you get a good grip on these two subjects, then you are already half way to the next process. But do remember friends that merely attempting is not enough, but you have to attempt more in less time. So, keep your primary motive to attempt these two section within your allotted time.

The next thing that comes to you is the General Awareness and the Computer Knowledge. These 60 questions can be done within 30 minutes and you can easily save time in these section. Remember, that you have to attempts English as well, but due to its qualifying nature, you also don't have to spend much time. In our opinion, 15-20 minutes would be more than sufficient for this section. And as we already told you that play safe, otherwise it might become the troubling one. So, this is all about the strategy and tactics, now let us look at the cut-off:

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